Paperless Billing and Online Bill Pay Terms and Conditions


Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas Board (SWSGB) will provide paperless billing services and online bill pay to our customers, with the following terms and conditions.


SWSGB customers that choose to use paperless billing must have proper email communications.  SWSGB will use the email address provided by the customer during registration.  SWSGB is not responsible for any communication issues concerning customer email address.


Each customer is solely responsible for the use and protection of their password or pin code.  SWSGB is not responsible or will have any liability for passwords or pin codes. 


It is the responsibility of SWSGB customers to pay bill on time.  SWSGB will send out an email two weeks before bill is due.  If the original email is not opened in a timely manner, SWSGB will send another email 7 days after first email has been sent as a reminder to the customer.  If payment has not been received by the billing due date, SWSGB will add late fees and the account will subject for possible disconnection of service.


All payments received through our online system made after 3:00pm central time will be next day business.  Online payment on disconnect days must be made before 9:00am.  Reconnection fees will apply if payment is made after disconnect list is generated. 


SWSGB will accept online bill payment if utilities are disconnected for nonpayment.  This payment must be made by 4:00pm central time, for reconnection of service that day.  Reconnections fees will be applied to account.  Any payments after 4:00pm will be next day business.    


SWSGB reserves the right to discontinue services to anyone who does not follow the terms and conditions of this website or attempts to make payment with a check and the check is returned due to insufficient funds.